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Automatic punching machine SE200
  • Automatic punching machine SE200

  • product description
  • technical parameter:
    Punching speed: punching distance 1*1MM1000/min
    Punching area: 200*200mm
    Punch speed: 20 times/second
    Screw speed: 350MM/sec
    Punching accuracy: ??5um
    Alignment: CCD visual image alignment
    Tool breakage detection: CCD visual inspection
    Number of mold types: 4 sets of high-speed servo motors driving in reverse motion
    Japan THK rail module guarantees the accuracy of the lead screw, and the conquest accuracy reaches ??5 microns
    Panasonic AC servo motor drives 4 sets of independent punches
    Panasonic AC servo motor drives XY platform to move
    Direct slitting and cutting of roll film tape-positioning-grabbing-punching-inspection-unwinding-receiving
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