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Thermal cutting machine M150
  • Thermal cutting machine M150

  • product description
  • technical parameter:

    Cutting speed: 200 times/min (without vision)

    Cutting area: 150*150MM

    Platform size: 170*170

    Cutter length: 150MM

    Cutter size: 15* 0.3MM

    Vacuum pump: 2L/sec

    Blade heating temperature room temperature-100C ??

    Cutting floor temperature room temperature--100C??

    Preheating heating temperature: room temperature-150 degrees

    Cutter accuracy: +/-10UM (electrical accuracy +/-1UM)

    Feeding accuracy: +/-10UM (electrical accuracy +/-1UM)

    Platform rotation accuracy: +/-0.001 degrees

    Equipment power: 3.5KW

    Power supply voltage: 220V/ 50HZ

    Equipment size: 1200*850*1755


    High cutting efficiency

    Visual automatic detection of cutting marks

    Adjustable cutting depth

    Adjustable cutting speed

    Automatically rotate the cutting direction

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