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Screen printing machine M200
  • Screen printing machine M200

  • product description
  • technical parameter

    1. Printing area 200MM*200MM

    2. Scraper speed: 50-350mm/s

    3. Platform speed: 50-350mm/s

    4. Average accuracy: +/-10UM

    5. Screen size: 420*324*20mm

    6. Screen shift: +/-6MM

    7. Screen shift accuracy: 0.01MM

    8. Equipment size: 1200*950*1715 (length*width*height)

    9. Power supply: 1.1KW

    10. Power supply voltage: 220V/ 50HZ

    11. Compressed air: 0.6MPA


    1. The servo motor controls the movement of the scraper platform and screen printing platform with an accuracy of +/-10UM;

    2. 10-inch color touch screen display and control parameters;

    3. Unique online mobile design alignment is convenient;

    4. Mitsubishi FX3UPLC controls the screen printing movement;

    5. All aluminum alloy and stainless steel frame are beautiful and durable, not rusty;

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