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Temperature isostatic press DL-DJY-M250-60
  • Temperature isostatic press DL-DJY-M250-60

  • product description
  • The main technical parameters

    1. Working pressure: 60MPa

    2. Operating temperature: room temperature ~ 80??

    3. High-pressure medium: deionized water

    4. Warm-up time: 0-3000S can be set freely

    5. Pressure holding time: adjustable in three stages 0??30min

    7. Pressing speed: 0---60MPa/300 seconds

    6. Pressure relief speed: 3 seconds (speed adjustable)

    7. Heating time: 120min at room temperature---80?? (can be designed according to user requirements)

    9. Effective volume: 12L 200*150*400 (mm)

    10. Total power: 10KW

    11. Equipment size: 1700*900*2200 (mm* mm* mm)

    12. Production cycle: 5-15min/time (according to product pressure holding time)

    13. Pressure fluctuation range: ??0.2Mpa

    14. The electrical control system is Siemens PLC programmable control

    14. 10-inch color LCD touch screen (touch screen)

    15. Working pressure and holding time can be adjusted according to requirements

    16. The ultra-quiet 2KW servo motor closed-loop hydraulic control system controls the rise and fall of the cavity (low noise; energy saving; stable; safe)

    16. After the charging is started, it can automatically complete the full set of preheating, preloading, boosting, holding and unloading.

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