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Slitting and cutting machine
  • Slitting and cutting machine

  • product description
  • The main function:
     DL-FQJ-B250 slitting and cutting machine is mainly to automatically edit the rolled film tape that is cast into a roll, slit to the width specified by the user, and automatically transfer to the cutting knife to cut, and then cut the cut square film It is loaded into the tape cassette with a manipulator, and it can calculate the number of the tape cassette to the machine with the function of automatically stopping the set number.
    The main technical parameters:
    1. Baseband width: 250MM
    2. Cutting length: 250mm
    3. Cutting width 250mm
    4. Cutting accuracy: ??0.1mm
    5. Cutting speed: 20 pieces/1 minute
    6. Power supply voltage/frequency: 220V, 50/60HZ
    7. Power: 1.2KW
    8. Air pressure: 0.6MPA
    9. Roll diameter: 250MM
    10. Reel size: 3 inches
    Main features
    1. Siemens PLC control system CPU: 222; high-speed counter: 4; I/O: 6/4; 2-channel pulse output; 4096 byte memory; RS-485 communication port;
    2. Using 7-inch color touch screen, control and setting parameters, display parameters integration
    3. Automatic vacuum suction tape function to avoid damage to the tape by heavy objects
    4. High-precision stepper motor controls wind cutting device, winding device, and unwinding device with high precision
    5. The cut material is automatically grabbed into the material box and doubled to save time
    6. The number of material boxes and tapes is automatically counted and accompanied to the process
    7. The all-aluminum alloy frame is beautiful and generous, and it is easier to move and fix the universal wheel with floor level adjustment
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