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Isostatic Press B160
  • Isostatic Press B160

  • product description
  • Inject the prepared porcelain dielectric paste on the base tape of the casting machine according to the process requirements, and after casting and drying to remove the film, it becomes the capacitor dielectric material (ceramic dielectric film); and then use precision laminated screen printing technology, in The internal electrodes are repeatedly printed on the ceramic dielectric film, and each stacked layer is pressed by the press table and then printed to become a component block. In order to make the structure of the bar block dense, the bar block is packed in a plastic film bag, sealed after being evacuated, placed in hot water in the container, and the container is sealed and pressurized to more than 20Mpa, and the component itself is loose after being evenly pressed in water The structure becomes uniform and dense, which ensures the consistency of the electrical performance indexes of the components and effectively improves the quality of the product. DL-DJY-B160 temperature isostatic pressing machine is to apply temperature and pressure evenly to the components in the pressure cylinder, the pressure can reach 26MPa, the heat is provided by an external heat source, the working temperature can reach 80 ??, and the pressurized medium It is pure water. This device is used to suppress multilayer ceramic capacitors and other ceramic products to improve the physical and electrical properties of the product.
    a. Multiple sealed billets can be placed simultaneously
    b. Suitable for different sizes of blanks.
    c. Easy operation and short production cycle
    d. Small footprint, flexible and compact design
    e. Excellent design makes it very convenient to replace the sealing ring.
    f. Excellent performance and wide application range.
    g. The self-developed booster cylinder has no noise, good sealing performance and service life of more than 10 years.
    The main technical parameters
    1. Working pressure: 26MPa
    2. Operating temperature: 80?? (less than 80?? adjustable)
    3. High-pressure medium: deionized water
    4. Warm-up time: 0-3000S can be set freely
    5. Pressure keeping time: adjustable in three stages 0??30 min
    6. Pressing speed: 0---26MPa 5 seconds (speed adjustable)
    7. Pressure relief speed: 3 seconds (adjustable speed)
    8. Heating time: 60min at room temperature ---80??
    9. Effective volume: 9L 165*450 (mm)
    10. Total power: 5KW
    11. Equipment size: 1200*800*1750 (mm* mm* mm)
    12. Production cycle: 5-15min/time (according to product pressure holding time)
    13. Pressure fluctuation range: ??0.2Mpa
    14. The electrical control system is Siemens PLC programmable control
    14. 10-inch color LCD touch screen (touch screen)
    15. Working pressure and holding time can be adjusted according to requirements
    16. After the charging is started, it can automatically complete the full set of preheating, preloading, boosting, holding and unloading.
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