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Feed defoaming machine
  • Feed defoaming machine

  • product description
  • Product Description:
           DL-AE130-TPJ-B350 bubble machine is a kind of the base material is stirred and air bubble mixing equipment. Device operates using PLC sequence control, operating in the form of temperature, pressure and operating time using intelligent process control. Compact, small footprint, reliable and unique interlock safety device, multiple defenses, to ensure fast charge and discharge gas, the entire device has a reasonable structure, high degree of automation, safe and reliable operation, easy to operate, productivity advantages. This device used for ceramic casting machine feeding system.
    1. all high-quality 314 stainless steel manufacturing, to ensure no contamination of raw materials;
    2. The use of strong stirring motor, and uniformly dispersed mixture while removing internal submicron bubbles;
    3. The stainless steel helical blades, more uniform stirring slurry;
    4. The conical bottom design for easy slurry shed, a greater increase material utilization;
    5. Complete product specifications, enough to cope with all aspects from research and development to production;
    6. For the vast majority of material mixed, especially those for mixing high viscosity material, can greatly improve its efficiency;
    7. The interactive mode, easy to use, the operation is extremely simple.
    The main technical parameters:
     Effective volume   35 L
     Pumping rate  3.6m3/h
     Vacuum Pressure  0-0.09MPA
     Working speed  0-120r/min Adjustable
     Total power  150W
     Equipment size  400x400x850 ( mm )
     Weight  Less than 150KG
     Exterior color  Natural color
     Electrical control system for the Siemens PLC programmable control
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