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Vacuum de-foaming machine
  • Vacuum de-foaming machine

  • product description
  • Product Description:
           Experimental vacuum degassing machine equipment, both positive and negative forms in a vacuum state of the mixed slurry stirring speed stepless functions. Stirring speed can be adjusted, automatically fill pressure, transparent visualization, automatic programmable function LCD digital display vacuum pressure. Products to maximize meet your degassing for football with all kinds of pulp. Degassing applied to embrace mixed with high requirements of the industry.
    1. High-quality aluminum using inside; outside use of SECC steel, powder coating processing;
    2. The special silicone gasket, good sealing effect;
    3. The degree of vacuum -0.1MPa;
    4. attached strengthen plexiglass windows for easy viewing internal product;
    5. Perfect security protection devices;
    The main technical parameters:
     Basic model  DL-AE120-TP  1L  2L  1L Attached stirring   2L Attached stirring
     Product Size (mm)  430x330x570        
     Effective volume (L)    0.8  1.6  0.8  1.6
     The degree of vacuum  -0.1 MPa         
     Rotary motor    Geared motors   Geared motors  Geared motors  Geared motors
     Stirring motor        42 stepper motor  42 stepper motor
     Voltage  220V AC plus or minus 10 percent
     Vacuum pump (optional)  0.5U 1U 2L;
    (Default 1L)
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