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Silk-screen printing machine
  • Silk-screen printing machine

  • product description
  • Product Description:
           Automatic screen printing line consists of automatic loading, stockers, automatic sheet feeding, machine vision automatic positioning, automatic printing, automatic transfer and the film and other system components, automatic sheet supply and take-up system is connected structure design .For high-precision electronic ceramic film, intelligent, automated screen printing equipment needs for development and design.
    1. High intensity: steel chassis and components to ensure high strength and stability;
    2. Precision: High precision transmission and mating parts, stepper motor driven printing, repeat positioning accuracy.
    3. Low vibration: machine vibration protection, precision linear guide drive, ensure uniform precision printing;
    4. Low indentation: aerodynamic balance flexible squeegee, digital automatic pressure compensation technology, precise control of printing pressure
    5. Anti-debris: the printing, the upper and lower wafers and other processes through the latest technology processing shatterproof
    6.CCD visual recognition automatic alignment, precision accuracy plus or minus 0.01mm. Automatic transmission and printing, and automatic docking process before and after
    7.PC control, Windows platform, touch-screen control panel, sophisticated drive system, photoelectric sensors, process control. Dust purification process, can be used in efficient clean room
    The main technical parameters:
     Printing production  200~300Pcs/h
     Squeegee speed  0~350mm/S
     Scraper force  0-250N
     Standard thickness  0~20mm
     gross weight  220kg
     Line Size  1500x1200x1600mm
     Size of bit platforms  230x230mm
     Alignment accuracy  plus or minus 0.01mm
     On the bit rate   1-2S
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